Photoshop: Airbrush technique

Photoshop: Airbrush technique

I’ve used Photoshop for mostly graphic creation and minor photo edits. So, every once in awhile, I like to add to my skill set by completing a new editing tutorial. As a former communication major (and current comm nerd), I’ve heard a lot about airbrushing and altering photos of celebrities to unrealistic proportions and whether this practice is ethical. I’m not going to comment on my thoughts on ethics (today, anyway), but I wanted to see how easy it was to manipulate a photo to flawless standards.

Here is the before and after photo. This took me about a half hour of work as I was following a step-by-step tutorial.


For this test, I airbrushed away imperfections in my skin, lightened my hair and eyes, removed dark circles from under my eyes, and slightly re-shaped my jawline.

Check out the tutorial I used:




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